Accademia Pizzaioli

Our mission is to spread the culture of Italian pizza

Our mission is to spread the culture of Italian pizza


The #1 pizza school in the world


Accademia Pizzaioli is a professional school designed for aspiring pizza makers all over the world.

Our founder, Enrico Fama has over thirty years experience in pizza. Accademia Pizzaioli has more than 140 pizza schools all over the world. Within one year of taking the course, more than 90% of our students have found work or started their own business!


Accademia Pizzaioli is the school that can boast a double international quality certification – UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 21001:2018 – the latter is specific for professional training.

Accademia Pizzaioli collaborates with accredited instructors, prestigious Italian and foreign schools, and with world-leading food equipment manufacturers.

Our teaching method and techniques are reviewed and updated every year, in order to guarantee a training that is consistent with the industry.

Accademia Pizzaioli

More than 140 school all over the world!